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ImmunoX is a Biotechnology start-up developing and applying immunotherapy solutions against cancer

CAR-Macrophage cells manipulation strategies against solid tumours

Harnessing the combined powers of science and medicine to improve and extend the life of patients with severe diagnoses.

CAR-Macrophage cells
are specially engineered to fight cancer

Chimeric antigen receptors (CARs) are designed to redirect the effector function of immune cells against tumor targets.

Expression of these receptors in macrophages refines tumor recognition and improves phagocytic capacity.

The CAR-M therapeutic approach uses the ability of macrophages to infiltrate solid tumors and travel through the hostile tumor microenvironment to access tumor cells, eliminate them and activate an adaptive response.


ImmunoX's goal is to create a platform for the development of advanced therapies against cancer aiming for impact and accessibility through the most affordable solutions on the market.

CAR-Macrophage cells
For cancer treatment


ImmunoX is composed of a group of physician-scientists with more than 35 years of experience applied to immunology research.

  • Photo of Vanderson <br/>Rocha
    M.D., Ph.D. · Chief M&S Officer


  • Photo of Rodrigo Nalio Ramos
    Ph.D. · Head of Research

    Rodrigo Nalio

  • Photo of Lívia Furquim
    Ph.D. · Research Leader

    Lívia Furquim

ImmunoX is partnering with Sthorm Group to address the financing and delivery of cancer research and treatment through ViralCure, a blockchain-based alt-funding project for R&D.

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